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More upgrades on the way for munky.org

I’ve currently been working on the back end of munky.org to improve it’s functionality in this web 2.0 world. All posts are now finding their way to my Twitter feed (here), along with new sharing and subscribing tools.

The theme is also going to get massaged out. I like it’s current lay out, but unfortunately there are some kinks in the css that I can’t tolerate (such as not allowing images to align with the text, not boxing in captions, etc.). I may take the time to convert this theme to the Carrington framework, but with Calculus 2 and Physics homework piling up, that may take some time.

It’s also taken some time for me to really find the direction I want this blog to go into. I’m more inclined to push it towards the finance, business world. Banking and the economy are major parts in my life, a byproduct of living in the 2nd largest financial center in the U.S. (Charlotte, NC), and working at the largest financial institution in the U.S. (Bank of America). I’ll still include other topics that I find of interest, but those issues will be the bulk of thing.

At least I’m honest enough to admit I’m not an expert. But as Philip Tetlock, a professor of organizational behavior at the Haas Business School at UC-Berkeley points out, experts are only slightly better than random generated forecasts. You can read the full article at CNNMoney here. So odds are, I might be even more reliable than these guys.